Green Power

Building Integrated Potovoltaic (BIPV)

Green Solar Is one of the few technology providers on the market, who offer production solutions especially for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). As a result of our research programs, we are proud to offer various optional extentions to each of our production lines, which make those able to flexibly change between manufacturing traditional amorphous Silicon solar modules and BIPV specilized ones.

  • Facade Solution : we developd solutions for wall mounted facade placement of the solar modules, also meeting all construction engineering and safety requirments.

  • Semi-transperent modules : The manufactured solar modules can be made semi-transperent by small amendment of the production process. As a result, the uniform light brown appearance of the modules provides idea solution for window application.

  • Laser patterning : Another solution for semi-transperency is the application of laser patterning. This solution is based on close laser dotting, resulting in the optical illision of semi-transparancy for the human eyes. Arbitrary figures can also be formed by this technique.

  • Coloring : Green Sloar is one of the few technology providers to offer coloring solutions for the solar module manufacturing. By the application of special reflecting films on the module surface, the visual color of the module can be defined.