Our philosophy is to provide convenient and affordable technology for those parties who do not have the time and knowledge to track down and locate a property to lease those suites their lifestyle needs.

Greene Consortium Ltd is an easy and reliable technology and Tourism service provider. The business structure focuses on being a provider of a solution that solves the accommodation needs for the students, travelers, workers, part time or full time professionals, singles/couples who are facing problems finding reliable, convenient, short and long term based affordable accommodation. This is a smart and unique service to both the potential tenants, property owners and real estate agents. Greene Consortium Ltd aims to provide, fast, convenient, and easily accessible accommodation to those in need at fair, yet profitable cost.

Greene Consortium Ltd will provide a unique service whereby the tenants, landlords and real estate agencies all benefit from the service while the subleasing agency generates a profit. The business provides easy of mind and convenience to all parties. Currently there are no other updated service providers such as Greene Consortium Ltd.