Greene Consortium Ltd.

Meet Greene Consortium Ltd.

Story of Greene Consortium Ltd.

Greene Consortium Ltd. is the first in Bangladesh, who address the natural product and service businesses. In the year of 2010, started the journey with the motto:
"Think for better future, think for a better green world"

The Founder and Managing Director of Greene Consortium Ltd. is Sk Abu Mahadi. He served in the military and UN Mission for 16 years before retiring as a major and dedicating his life for green businesses.



The mission of Greene Consortium Ltd. is to work with every business solution which is green, eco-friendly in nature.


The vision of Greene Consortium Ltd. is to be a leader in the green construction, green resorts, green energy, eco-tourism and community based IT service sector.


Green Economy is a hot topic all over the world. The big companies in the world are constantly promoting it. The green economy matters because it not only increases the happiness and prosperity of the people and the society but also reduces the environmental risks and increases the natural resources. The system in which the present world operates has inconsistencies, resource shortages, massive environmental damage, environmental pollution, etc. There is only one green economy that can solve this problem completely. Greene Consortium is a pioneer company in this sector in Bangladesh. We are working on sustainable, eco-friendly products in the Bangladesh market. There is demand for products like the installation of solar energy system, solar irrigation pumps, electric vehicles, etc. We supply these products so that those who want to enter this green economy are encouraged to adopt them. We are also working on green construction, renewable energy, ecotourism. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of Bangladesh. We have already started the work of installing solar panels on a large scale. Work is also underway on some big projects. The green economy in Bangladesh has started with our hands so our goal is to promote it on a large scale so that other organizations get involved in the green economy.