Welcome to greene e consortium

Greene Consortium Ltd. (GCL) raised its business in 1996 in the name of True Image as Graphics Design and Production House then in 1999 it started its journey with SKN Communications Ltd. as an IT based company. Later on in the changes in partnership we took over the responsibility in 2008 and renamed as Green Consortium ,in 2010 finally Greene Consortium Ltd. emerge to work for the motto; 

“think for better future , think for a better green world”

Greene Consortium Ltd (GCL) progress is slow but we want to work for the motto only, no merchandise which doesn't match the motto. 

GCL present journey is with environment friendly tourism (Eco tourism), ICT development for mankind , Fashion with natural issues, lastly dealing with the product which is environment friendly like Alternative Power Source with Solar and Wind mill.

We are looking for a better future with our comradeship on making the solar system at your development site.